Oompah Brass

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About the Band

“A rock 'n' roll oompah band. Tremendous!” Richard Bacon, Radio 5 Live

Back in 2006 some students at the Royal College of Music got together to play a few German tunes in a bar. Ten years on, Oompah Brass is one of the UK's finest brass ensembles, specialising in virtuosic and high-energy performances of rock and pop classics.

Oompah Brass started out as a Bavarian Oompah band, and this is still very close to their hearts. However, you won't hear any German marches or Polkas - they may be clad in lederhosen but their repertoire of 'Bavarian oompah band' music is drawn from the likes of AC/DC, Queen, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to name just a few! Click here for more information on Oompah Brass as a German band.

Oompah Brass are a five-piece brass group who pride themselves on the quality of their music and performance. They have reworked over 160 songs - ingeniously turning them into at times frivolous and funny entertainment pieces, and at other times simply beautiful and magical examples of fine brass playing. 

Equally at home on the big stage and at more intimate venues, Oompah Brass are a unique and versatile musical act. When dressed in lederhosen, Oompah Brass are a German band like no other; when dressed in eye-catching pink and black, Oompah Brass are THE 'rock 'n' roll' brass group, ideal for a vast array of events - from music festivals to weddings. They were the winners of the 2012 Haizetara International Street Band Competition, and regularly broadcast on TV and Radio. They have performed live many times on 'The One Show' (BBC 1), and also appeared on ITV's 'Odd One In'. Recent performance highlights include Looe Music Festival 2016, Durham International Brass Festival 2016, and a great Oktoberfest season with sell-out shows in Bermuda, Exeter, Plymouth, Cardiff, Portsmouth and Winchester.